Anne is an orphan, Matthew and Maria adopted and error.

Anne Matthew and Maria village met her best friend - Diane. Also have got one's wish to go to school, where she met while love, make practical joke but did very good bart. But because Bart is a practical joke on Anne, and Anne hated him, with Bart as enemy, want to go beyond his grades.

A few years later, Anne and Bart for outstanding admitted to a" Queen's college". But because of Maria's age, and the death of Matthew, Anne dropped out of school, had no choice but to come back when the teacher. When Bart also because of family ties to give up their studies, think back when the teacher. When he learned that Anne want to be a teacher, the teacher qualification to Anne. Because he always wanted to get Anne to forgive. Anne was very grateful for this very grateful to Bart bart.

Anne sighs:" it turned out that everything is so beautiful!"