Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food.Dumplings are derived from the ancient slot.


Dumplings formerly known as "jiao ear", is our country in nanyang medical sage invented by zhang zhongjing first of all, it has a history of more than one thousand eight hundred years.


Is loved by the Chinese people's traditional food, also called the dumplings, is China's folk staple food and local snacks, and food festival.


There is a folk song called "great cold slight cold, eat dumplings, New Year's day."Dumpling is multi-purpose face wrapped boiled.


饺子的寓意英文介绍 扩展

We always have dumplings during the Chinese New Year to bring good luck and prosperity to the family."(我们在中国新年期间总是吃饺子,以祝福家庭好运和繁荣。)

"I love eating dumplings because they remind me of my childhood and the happy times with my family."(我喜欢吃饺子,因为它们让我想起童年和与家人度过的快乐时光。)

"Dumplings are a symbol of unity and togetherness in Chinese culture."(在中国文化中,饺子是团结和团圆的象征。)

饺子的寓意英文介绍 扩展

Dumpling meaning

1、 the celery stuffing that wash money. So as to wash money dumplings

Qin: diligence, diligence; often, often densely ( frequently、 everfount, that the good fortune. The everfount material wealth is more diligent, to pray; pragmatic blessing.

2、 leek stuffing that long property. So long fortune dumplings

Long, long long time: namely, that the long property. Blessing, long material wealth;